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Hi!  I'm Shirley Koritnik.

Thanks for stopping by.

Shirley Koritnik www.shirleykoritnik.com

Let me tell you a bit about me.  Then I'd like to meet you and hear a bit about you.  Deal?  How to get in touch is at the bottom.

I grew up in Rock Springs, Wyoming  but have lived all over--London, New York City, Los Angeles and places in between like Leavenworth, Topeka, Kansas City and now Winston-Salem.

I'm not a teenager, as you can tell, but I sure feel like one.  I'm not on any meds and have enough energy for two people.  I love long lazy lunches and good conversation, volunteering to help those less fortunate and causes I'm passionate about.  You might find me at an art film, or working on a screenplay, or curled up with a book, or even out hiking to any of our gorgeous North Carolina waterfalls.


I'm PASSIONATE about helping us all remember that what we can't see CAN hurt us.  So I'm planning to have an international radio show  soon to help us all protect ourselves better from toxic chemicals that are dragging down our health and energy, giving us fuzzy thinking, and stressing us out.

And that's where my business, AIR APPARENT, comes in.  It's what I do to fund my lifestyle!

I like it the best of all the wonderful things I've done over the years because I'm a natural detective and get to use all those problem-solving skills every day. 

While I was a nun for 27 years I taught high school and college English, literature, writing, and journalism and then got into media production.  Check out "Why it got started" to learn why I left that--it's quite a story. 

I've been a small business owner with AIR APPARENT for over 21 years now, with a division called COMPUTER COACHING with KORITNIK, and am active in local business networking through BNI.   I really enjoy communicating with my customers and business partners all over the country. 

As my business expands, I'm also beginning to be of service in other countries, so I'm looking for a business partner!  If you know someone looking for a business of their own that's linked to a great team of entrepreneurs, please send them to me through this website or through my mobile Facebook Page at 22S.com/AirApparentPartners, where they also check out our no-obligation process to see whether what we have to offer is what they're looking for.

Now let me meet YOU, okay? 

You can phone me at 800-310-7140 or 336-701-1945 and the systems will try to find me.  I'll pick up it possible, or I'll get back to you ASAP.  My business gives me time freedom so I might be out doing things I love to do even in the middle of what is a work day for other people.  

Or you can email Shirley@AirApparent.com

Or you can fill out the form below and let me know when is a good time to phone you.


Thanks.  I look forward to it!